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Into Spanish Translation: The Translation Blog

It is common knowledge that nothing is created out of nothing. In this case, this new weblog's raw materials must have been somewhere at the back of my mind and they're just waiting for me to release them! So there you go, my blog on Spanish translation.

What's this blog going to be?:

A place to discuss the Spanish translation industry from the point of view of a freelance translator in constant contact with the end clients (a rare combination since most commonly there's a translation agency in between.)

A place to provide insight aimed at translation buyers, especially Spanish translation buyers: The global Hispanic market, the needs and demands of translation, the current status of the translation industry and whatnot.

A place to discuss JB Spanish Translations, my professional Spanish translation service, and everything around it.

A place to provide tips for prospective, beginning and even established translators.

A place to discuss news and current issues about Spanish, about translation, about translators, about language, and anything else that I would consider significant and relevant.

A place to discharge any daily frustrations from a martyr, flagellated translator.

And probably a lot more!


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