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Why every translator should have a website

Translation work takes place for the most part through and thanks to the Internet and electronic mail. Documents and files to be translated travel by this medium to reach translation vendors, and the final translated products come back to the translation buyers by the same means. Chances are you will never see face to face the person you are working with. And in this virtual translation environment, you become a much more real entity as soon as you publish your professional website showcasing your translation services. Instead of being (just how professional does this sound?), you become and Of course, this entails an investment of time, effort and money, but it also opens many windows of opportunity, probably many more than you can even imagine.

What use is it, you say, to have a website when I know for sure that it will be the zillionth website listed on Google when searching for “translation services”? While this will probably be the case, there are still so many ways to take advantage of your online presence. Include its address (URL) in your e-mail signature and all your contacts will take notice of it. You never know when an acquaintance might need you for translation services, and if you are remarkable and available online you can be sure that these people will count on you. But this is also true for translation colleagues. During a significant period of time in my career as a professional translator, every once in a while I would refer some of my prospective clients to translator colleagues of mine. Maybe because I was too busy to take more work on, or because the subject did not match my technical expertise. Guess what? I would refer these potential clients only to translator colleagues who happened to have a professional website. No matter how good a translator I believed so and so to be, I preferred to send these people to a good translator who also ran a professional website. This way, the prospective clients had something else than my recommendation to judge the translator: in a very direct way, they were able to see what it was that this translator offered, how he offered it and the qualifications he had to guarantee a positive outcome for their translation. Something that a free e-mail address would have a hard time providing, unless the client would contact the translator and ask. But in most cases, people do not contact a prospective contractor unless they have a good reason to trust him. Your professional website will do exactly this: give reasons to any possible translation buyer who should enter your website to contact you and inquire about your translation services!


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