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The proof of the pudding...

A professional translator's bare essentials include translating into your native language, being a proficient writer in your native language, having experience and training in translation, mastering the source language and culture, and being specialized in your subject area.

However, it is not always easy to determine if a translator has all the necessary skills to do a quality job just by looking at the translator's profile, resume or CV. In the past I have collaborated with translators with impressive profiles, but their performance didn't always match professional standards.

One such translator, with more than 10 years of translation experience and having even published an English-Spanish dictionary of technical terminology in his specialization, had a hard time translating correctly the word "set" and a few other basics. And even if he generally wrote in Spanish adequately, very often he would completely miss the point of what the English text was saying. I had to completely rework his translation, instead of editing common human errors and reasonably improving accuracy and language correction, which should be all there is left to do when working with a good translator. Obviously, I never collaborated again with this person.

So you never really know how well your translator is going to perform until you put him to work. He can have translation experience, a master's degree in translation, work experience in your field or who knows what else, but the profile alone does not get the job done.

Here at JB Spanish Translations we hand-pick our collaborators and we retain only the very best. All translations are proofread for accuracy and linguistic correctness and are delivered as a full-fledged, ready to publish product. We have done the tough work for you, so you will not have to go through the trial and error scheme, which can be painstaking and potentially risky for your interests.


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