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Why every translator should have a website (II)

Another way in which you should put your website to your advantage is when contacting translation providers to offer them your services. If the person who is considering your profile is like me, he or she will avidly want to see how good a writer you are in your native language, if you have an eye to detail and other things that sometimes can and sometimes can not be determined by just reading your CV or resume. Indeed, you can convince me to try you instead of somebody else with a stronger profile than yours if you show me that you master the art of writing and that you don't allow any mistakes on your website. Because if you do allow them on your own website, is there a chance that you will do a better job when writing for somebody else? Hardly. So have a website, make it error-proof and show a good writing style, and even if your design isn't exactly a work of art you will convince many prospective clients of your writing and translating skills. At least to give you a first try, and then you will have a chance to further convince them by delivering a quality job! Be remarkable and you will be noticed. Do not be ashamed of yourself when comparing your profile to that of a translator with 25 years of experience. Talent will always come to the surface if you add your will to it. Make yourself known, go the extra mile, show more of yourself than the others (instead of trying to hide what you think you don't have). Having a solid website will help you accomplish a big part of this.


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