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Triggering mental filters

If you are like me, you receive a lot of spam messages in your electronic mailbox. Some of these are hoaxes from people asking you to update your details on your PayPal or bank account in order to get access to these and steal your money. A fast scan of those messages is usually all that is needed to determine that they are not authentic. Why so? Because very often they contain quite a few grammar mistakes and misspellings, something that PayPal or your bank would never allow within their messages. The next thing you know, the delete key is pressed and that spam is sent where it belongs.

Grammar mistakes and misspellings not only help determine if an e-mail request is honest or not. They also help determine whether an entire company aligns with PayPal and your bank in seriousness and reliability or if they're just amateurish in their approach to business. You know by heart the "first impression" litany so I won't repeat it here. You probably care a lot about this in your original materials, but sometimes you can end up with translations that overlook this principle.

A rule of thumb would be that if you choose your translation providers first and foremost on pricing considerations, chances are you will end up with a translation that won't do your image justice. There are some authentic and valid ways to lower costs without lowering quality. Our formula entails offering our services on a freelance basis and applying translation memory technology. Other translation service providers may apply genuine alternative methods to bear costs down, but if a company goes below a reasonable price level, they most likely provide sub-standard translated material that will trigger the "amateurish" filter in your target audience's mind when they're considering your services. To the outcome that they will also press the mental delete key!


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