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A highly recommended resource for translators

If as a professional translator you aren't yet acquainted with Jost Zetzsche's Translator's Tool Box e-book (and the associated Tool Kit biweekly newsletter), I highly recommend you to fix this problem as soon as you possibly can. Here is what Jost has to say by way of introduction to his book:

"As a technical translator and localization consultant, I've been continually surprised at the lack of technical expertise and knowledge about software tools among many translators and project managers. I've seen countless hours wasted on tasks that could have been done automatically or in a fraction of the time. And as an editor, I've often struggled to improve texts that were translated with an adequate level of linguistic or subject-matter expertise, but whose quality was sub-par because the translator didn't know how to use the necessary tools or formats.

"At some point after it became common for translators to use computers for their work, it seems that many of us became convinced that we were really not smart (read: technical) enough to become proficient computer users. The irony is that many of us translate highly technical and complex subject matter every day. There is no lack of intelligence among us—merely a prevailing notsmart-enough-for-computers fallacy that we have bought into.

"It is time to adopt a new paradigm for our profession: Not only is it acceptable to use computers well—it is critical to our success."

So I believe that this resource will benefit any translator, whether you are starting out or you are already established in this industry. If it can just teach you one tip to work more efficiently with your computer and save 5-10 minutes a day, think of the aggregate impact this will have on your whole career! But for some of us, this book will save much more time than this. Not to mention improving the quality of our services on the technical front. A definitely recommendable (and affordable) investment for all of us professional translators!

See for yourself at The Translator's Tool Box. Enjoy your reading!


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