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Recently my Translation News section showed this piece of news extracted from Inttranews:

Accuracy of "Gospel of Judas" translation attacked
Ontario, Canada (NLC): National Geographic partially funded the restoration and translation of the Gospel of Judas and has received the exclusive rights to it [see Inttranews Archives]. University of Sudbury professor of religious studies André Gagné has accused National Geographic of marketing sensationalism in its coverage of the important religious find. Gagné maintains the current translation is not as accurate as it could be and he would like to see other Christian academics and Coptic specialists given access to the text in its original Coptic form.

And I recently received a message from Professor André Gagné himself stating the following about it:

I am the Canadian professor who supposedly said that the Gospel of Judas had been mistranslated! I saw the news on your Website and want to tell you that the reporter who wrote the article got it all wrong! There has clearly been a misunderstanding. I never said that I disputed the translation of the Gospel of Judas. All I said was that I disagreed with the idea that Jesus asked Judas to betray him, or to help him get rid of his mortal body. The phrase: "But you will exceed them all, for you will sacrifice the man that bears me" is correctly translated as a future (in Coptic it is a Future 1). I argued, however, that the phrase should not be understood or interpreted as an imperative. I simply think that the statement should be read as a prophecy and not as a request on the part of Jesus. To my understanding, Jesus does not ask Judas to betray him; rather, he simply prophesies that this is what Judas is going to do. I only disagree with the common sensationalistic interpretation of this phrase.

My response is posted on I have also written to the newspaper who printed the article. I hope to have cleared up this unfortunate misunderstanding.

I think it is very clear and sound. So let it be known!


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