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New book: How to succeed as a freelance translator

Inttranews points to this new book with a self-explanatory title. It is available at and you can browse some of its contents to see if the information would be helpful for you. It does look interesting for those of you considering freelance translation as a career and those seeking to get established on solid ground in this profession.

By the way, Lulu is one of the most interesting and well-known print on demand services, making publishing easy and accessible for books like this one that might have never seen the light of day otherwise.

Other helpful resources for freelance translators, prospective or not:

- You will find tons of free information on Roger Chriss' "Translation as a Profession" series of articles.

- Chantal Wilford offers more free translation tips through her translation website, as well as a paid ebook with additional advice.

- The popular website offers some free resources for translators such as an e-zine and a recent short e-book for translators, plus a paid e-book which is their core offer. Definitely worth checking out.

- You also have some helpful small guides for prospective translators and interpreters at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting's website (ITI), on the Getting Started section. Getting familiar with some of these resources (especially the free ones, since there is no excuse for not doing it) is a must for any translator, and I believe that even the most seasoned ones will find some tip or insight to help them in their daily work and efforts.


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