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Our new website is almost finished

As you may have noticed, our website redesign project is nearing completion now. You will find two new pages ("About Us" and "Testimonials") under "Information", which should help better portray who we are and what makes us different from other translation providers. The Spanish and French sections will shortly be easily available as before. Once all of this is finished, we will review and polish all of our contents, which currently carry some typos because of the needed manipulations to enhance the old design. We hope that these efforts will better portray our determination to maintain the highest quality standards for your Spanish translations. We are looking forward to serving you!

Update: For the time being, if you wish to take a look at these two new pages you will need to go to the Home page first and then enter the Information menu, since the new pages are not accessible from the blog currently.



Spamish translation of the week

Excerpted from the "Sea Metido en Sus Servicios Médicos" (Be Inserted in Your Medical Services) page on

La Cirugía
Si usted tiene la cirugía, cerciórese que usted y los profesionales médicas que tratan usted están en acuerda y saben claramente y exactamente lo que se hará.

La cirugía en el sitio equivocado (por ejemplo, una operación en la rodilla izquierda en vez del derecho) es rara. Pero una vez es demasiada. La cirugía en el sitio equivocado es el 100 por ciento evitable.

Which would back-translate more or less as:

The surgery

If you have the surgery, make sure you and the she-medical he-professionals who treat to you are in he agrees and know clearly and exactly what will be done.

The surgery at the wrong site (for example, an operation on the left knee instead of the he-right) is rare. But one time is she-too-much. The surgery at the wrong site is the 100% avoidable.

I really like the "sea metido en sus servicios médicos" title. In some Latin American countries, this can even be interpreted as "be nosy in your medical services."

Looks like the translator wasn't even a native Spanish speaker...



New section

I am so convinced that the web is full of substandard Spanish translations that I have decided to create a regular "Spamish translation of the week" section, where I will post my findings when browsing the net for poor Spanish translations. Hopefully this ongoing effort will help increase general awareness about the risks of selecting a translation provider first and foremost on pricing considerations! And hopefully it will turn out to be fun, too.

Of course, for us translators to enjoy this kind of thing we need to force ourselves to take our professional linguist hat out for a second—with which we would rather cry than laugh—and just relax and enjoy these fine blunders!



Why bad Spanish turns out to be spamish

Since I am the one who insists that poor Spanish translations look and feel spamish, I figured out that I should probably explain why:

- A spam e-mail message is usually (among other things) a poorly fitted mosaic of misspellings and grammar errors. A bad Spanish translation carries just about the same traits, with an added artificial flavor resulting from the transferring of English words and grammar structures to Spanish without the sound judgement that is the knack of skilled professional translators.
- In both cases, the terrible texts hurt the eye and put readers off, no matter what is being sold or offered.
- The companies from which those messages or translations arise are considered as amateurish by their audiences. There is no real connection established between the providers and the potential customers due to lack of trust.

More about the metaphysical relationship between poor translations and spam in this blog's earlier post.



Spanish or spamish?

When you are not very careful in selecting your translation provider, tricky things may happen to you. You may order a Spanish translation but end up with a spamish translation, which looks like Spanish to you but is perceived as spam by your Hispanic audience. An example:

I am going to try to convey to you the same impression that a Hispanic reader would have by reading the Spanish text on this page (only the first lines.) I will do this by back-translating the text and recreating the mistakes as faithfully as possible. Also, when I give a word in Spanish this is because the Spanish readers got it in English (the translator didn't bother to translate it.) Some mistakes are impossible to reproduce due to the differences between English and Spanish, so when you read this, do not think I am exagerating. It is actually worse than this!

The page is supposed to be the privacy policy of the Oona Health site:

Isolation Policy

Oöna has a firm committee to the isolation.

We can use your IP DIRECCIÓN to help diagnose problems with our server and to manage our site. Your IP DIRECCIÓN is used to help identifyyou and your shopping cart and to compile the basic demographic information.

Our site uses the biscuits in order not to lose sight of your shopping cart. In the future, they will make sure that you don't see the same advertisement several times.

The site contains fittings to other sites and is not responsible of the practices of the isolation or of the content of such sites of the fabric.

Oh, and the slogan to the left is also worth mentioning:

"To grab the treasures of your moments"

The whole site is packed full of extremely sub-standard Spanish translations. The sad thing is, the Internet in general is full of Spanish translations such as these. The companies that decide to translate their materials into Spanish but get spamish translations instead probably get disappointed very quickly with the results of their efforts, and wonder if the Hispanic market is such a worthwhile investment after all.

It is, but you absolutely need to get it right!



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Reaching U.S. Hispanics

Here is an excellent post on how to target U.S. Hispanics by offering them a Spanish version of your key materials. A very recommended read if you intend to target this blossoming market!



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Spam and language

Some of the spam we receive these days is really astonishing. Imagine you receive a message in your inbox with one of these subjects:

- "Better life, world-opposing": World-opposing? Is this a Venus promotion? Let's open the message. No, it's just a refinance home loan offer. And not even for a home in Mars!

- "Better life, Welsh-English": Offering English courses in Wales? No, just another refinance home loan (from a different company.)

- "Better life, worm gut": Another loan. Do I need to creep on my belly to get it?

- "Better life, world-deceiving": Hhhhhm, how honest a loan offer can this be?

- "Better life, winter yellowlegs": How can a winter yellowlegs loan improve my life? No idea, but at this point there seems to be so many obscure things out there that can improve my life! I better start educating myself!

- "Your future, pearl diabase": A mineralogy course? No, just one of those pills!

- "Your health, Ostyak-samoyedik": What's this, a Siberian pill?

- "Your money, pea crab": Not only they demand my money, but they also call me a pea crab! I'm so touched that I am seriously considering buying their pill, even though I won't use it...

So what in the world are these people possibly thinking? Does their spam magically become more enticing if they throw some random words in their e-mail's subject lines? I suspect not. I suspect that these people put as much thought into the language they use as they put into the other aspects of their generally misguided business models...



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Back to work

We are again back to work and ready to serve you in all your needs, whether you are looking for translation services at the moment or just browsing our weblog for translation information.

Our new website's design by Wildfire Marketing Group is now nearly finished as you can see. When everything is completed we will review all of our content and remove the minor errors that you can find here and there now (unnecessary blank spaces or any other problems.) Also, our sections in French and Spanish will again be easily accessible (they are still in the old design and not accessible from the home page at the moment.) We are also planning on adding some new pages that will better portray who we are and the advantages and guarantees of our services. There will be additional interesting resources for translation customers and people with an interest in languages as well. For the time being, we are very satisfied with the new design and its cleanliness and ease of use and hope that it will please all of you. We will be working hard to have all these goodies ready for you as soon as possible and will keep you posted on our progress, so do keep an eye on us! ;)


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