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Back to work

We are again back to work and ready to serve you in all your needs, whether you are looking for translation services at the moment or just browsing our weblog for translation information.

Our new website's design by Wildfire Marketing Group is now nearly finished as you can see. When everything is completed we will review all of our content and remove the minor errors that you can find here and there now (unnecessary blank spaces or any other problems.) Also, our sections in French and Spanish will again be easily accessible (they are still in the old design and not accessible from the home page at the moment.) We are also planning on adding some new pages that will better portray who we are and the advantages and guarantees of our services. There will be additional interesting resources for translation customers and people with an interest in languages as well. For the time being, we are very satisfied with the new design and its cleanliness and ease of use and hope that it will please all of you. We will be working hard to have all these goodies ready for you as soon as possible and will keep you posted on our progress, so do keep an eye on us! ;)


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