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Spam and language

Some of the spam we receive these days is really astonishing. Imagine you receive a message in your inbox with one of these subjects:

- "Better life, world-opposing": World-opposing? Is this a Venus promotion? Let's open the message. No, it's just a refinance home loan offer. And not even for a home in Mars!

- "Better life, Welsh-English": Offering English courses in Wales? No, just another refinance home loan (from a different company.)

- "Better life, worm gut": Another loan. Do I need to creep on my belly to get it?

- "Better life, world-deceiving": Hhhhhm, how honest a loan offer can this be?

- "Better life, winter yellowlegs": How can a winter yellowlegs loan improve my life? No idea, but at this point there seems to be so many obscure things out there that can improve my life! I better start educating myself!

- "Your future, pearl diabase": A mineralogy course? No, just one of those pills!

- "Your health, Ostyak-samoyedik": What's this, a Siberian pill?

- "Your money, pea crab": Not only they demand my money, but they also call me a pea crab! I'm so touched that I am seriously considering buying their pill, even though I won't use it...

So what in the world are these people possibly thinking? Does their spam magically become more enticing if they throw some random words in their e-mail's subject lines? I suspect not. I suspect that these people put as much thought into the language they use as they put into the other aspects of their generally misguided business models...


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