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Spanish or spamish?

When you are not very careful in selecting your translation provider, tricky things may happen to you. You may order a Spanish translation but end up with a spamish translation, which looks like Spanish to you but is perceived as spam by your Hispanic audience. An example:

I am going to try to convey to you the same impression that a Hispanic reader would have by reading the Spanish text on this page (only the first lines.) I will do this by back-translating the text and recreating the mistakes as faithfully as possible. Also, when I give a word in Spanish this is because the Spanish readers got it in English (the translator didn't bother to translate it.) Some mistakes are impossible to reproduce due to the differences between English and Spanish, so when you read this, do not think I am exagerating. It is actually worse than this!

The page is supposed to be the privacy policy of the Oona Health site:

Isolation Policy

Oöna has a firm committee to the isolation.

We can use your IP DIRECCIÓN to help diagnose problems with our server and to manage our site. Your IP DIRECCIÓN is used to help identifyyou and your shopping cart and to compile the basic demographic information.

Our site uses the biscuits in order not to lose sight of your shopping cart. In the future, they will make sure that you don't see the same advertisement several times.

The site contains fittings to other sites and is not responsible of the practices of the isolation or of the content of such sites of the fabric.

Oh, and the slogan to the left is also worth mentioning:

"To grab the treasures of your moments"

The whole site is packed full of extremely sub-standard Spanish translations. The sad thing is, the Internet in general is full of Spanish translations such as these. The companies that decide to translate their materials into Spanish but get spamish translations instead probably get disappointed very quickly with the results of their efforts, and wonder if the Hispanic market is such a worthwhile investment after all.

It is, but you absolutely need to get it right!


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