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Why bad Spanish turns out to be spamish

Since I am the one who insists that poor Spanish translations look and feel spamish, I figured out that I should probably explain why:

- A spam e-mail message is usually (among other things) a poorly fitted mosaic of misspellings and grammar errors. A bad Spanish translation carries just about the same traits, with an added artificial flavor resulting from the transferring of English words and grammar structures to Spanish without the sound judgement that is the knack of skilled professional translators.
- In both cases, the terrible texts hurt the eye and put readers off, no matter what is being sold or offered.
- The companies from which those messages or translations arise are considered as amateurish by their audiences. There is no real connection established between the providers and the potential customers due to lack of trust.

More about the metaphysical relationship between poor translations and spam in this blog's earlier post.


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