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Spamish translation of the week #4

It's been some time since I last saw such a great concentration of serious misspellings on a website. Some of these misspellings completely change the meaning of the words. But misspellings (which I have marked in italics) are not the only problem in this Spanish page of American River College's website. Many sentences just do not make any sense. This is a pity, since one would think that an educational institution would know better, and the nature of their offering on this page (training for foster parents) would also greatly deserve it. Here you can see some excerpts:

FKCE: El colegio comunitario de padres de crianza y parientes. Patrocinando y dando mas y mas. Nosotros sabemos que dar cuidado como tu lo entiendes, ser padres de niños de otros no es solamente darles calor y afecto. Como sea tu estas tomando la responsabilidad de cuidar a un niño de familia; o que biene del sistema de padres de crianza. Nosotros entendemos que esto es

(Sentence ends here.)

Llendo a educación para padres de crianza. La ley de California requiere completar doce horas anuales de educación para padres de crianza para obtener la licencia dándole a estos niños para estar en el sistema de la corte; con grandes historiales de abuso y negligencia como nunca antes, estos serán mas importantes que nunca; para el crecimiento excelente con el conocimiento del sistema de la corte reforcando y patrocinando al sistema.

Programa de vida independiente (ILP)
Prepara a jóvenes de crianza de 16 a 21 anos de edad. Para que se desarrollen dentro de la vida independiente de adulto. Los estudiantes aprenden formas para clasificar y procesar el trabajo y financiamiento.

And the back-translation:

FKCE: The community college for relatives and foster parents. Sponsoring and giving móre and móre. We know that caring for as yoú understand it, being parents of another's children is not only giving them warmth and affection. However it is yoú áre taking the responsibility of caring for a child of family; or that komes from the foster parents system. We understand that this is

(Sentence ends here.)

Woing to education for foster parents. The law of California requires completing twelve hours of education a year for foster parents in order to obtain the license giving to these children in order to be in the system of the court; with big histories of abuse and neglect as never before, these will be móre important than ever; for the excellent growth with the knowledge of the system of the court reinforcking and sponsoring to the system.

Independent Life Program (ILP)
Prepares foster youth from 16 to 21 anus of age. So they develop within the independent life of an adult. The students learn ways to classify and process the work and funding.

The message that this page conveys is the following: our Hispanic readers are not worth a hundred and some dollars to us (which is what it would cost to have the full page translated professionally.) What a pity, because the college's intended message for Spanish-speaking readers was probably quite the opposite, but not enough thought and adequate means were devoted to ensure a positive outcome for this translation.


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