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Funny translation of the week #6

The latest Spamish translations were admittedly slightly depressing. So this time I was determined to find a really funny one, and I found it at Here goes the screenshot:

And the back translation:

Subjugate the news

We are always in the look towards the outside in order to the most last one news in the contrivances and the technology. If you find anything that you would like to share with the rest of the world please may we know about him. We can't guarantee in order to publish all the news that we receive but if they are accesorioy, it makes us laugh and to know what the F5 key does, he you have a great opportunity.

The best place to leave a suggestion of the contrivance is via our contrivance suggestions forum (fun that), if you have a sensation of the launching of press freely to fix it in press launchings and the product news forum where it will be seen by the CG team and other bloggers of the contrivance.

You can send rotatingly a message via the form but this is generally slower than fixing in the forum.

It's obviously an automatic translation, and if you are in that kind of mood, a funny one. Not sure if they have much success in getting their Hispanic readers to subjugate news for them though...


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