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Spamish translation of the week #7

More Spamish fun, this time from a Spanish page on (no less than the British Embassy in the United States.) From what I understand, this page is intended for Spanish-speaking USA residents wanting to study in the UK: Spanish page

And the back-translation (starting from the 5th requirement):

5) a) birth certificates naming both parents.
b) The costday order probaring the legal costday of the children accompanied of a previous marriage.

NOTE: A separate application, fee and related documents must be subjugated for each applicant.

Dependents of the student he can not precede the main applicant for the United Kingdom.

Applicants are strongly is warned to subjugite their application in good weather. Not all visas are is approved the same day.

So what are the chances of submitting an application to the United Kingdom in good weather?

(Please excuse the easy sunny-Spain/rainy-UK teasing.)

Actually, "tiempo" means both "time" and "weather" in Spanish, depending on the context. But "buen tiempo" is always "good weather"!

One would think that the British Embassy in the United States could afford to have their six Spanish pages professionally translated...


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