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Spamish translation of the week #12

Today we have a dumbfounding confession from Dish Network Latino (

Dish Network Latino

Which would back-translate as:

We appreciate your business venture and will work with difficulty to keep it. Thanks for visiting our site!

So they kind of like your company and are ready to do whatever it takes to keep it!!! If I were you, I would stay away from them! Granted, they are upfront and honestly say what their ambitions are, but I would rather keep my business venture for myself, thanks!

This is what the original text in English said: "We appreciate your business and will work hard to keep it. Thanks for visiting our site!"

For starters, "trabajar difícilmente" (to work with difficulty) is quite a poor translation of "working hard"; and even more importantly, "business" can be translated as "negocio" or "negocios" sometimes, but not at all in this context. Here, "negocio" actually means "business venture", "company". Indeed, there is not a straightforward way to translate "we appreciate your business" in Spanish. You need to rethink the expression and imagine what you would say if you weren't translating, but writing an original text for Hispanics...


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