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Funny translation of the week #15

Continental Airlines crashes in Spanish...

Continental Airlines Spanish page

I have highlighted in yellow the most glaring and serious errors. You get 4 awful misspellings—an educated Spanish speaker would never make those 4 errors, let alone a professional translator who is also a native Spanish-speaker—and the title was left in English. Generally speaking, the Spanish translations on this website are substandard, and most pages mix English with Spanish. This should be some proof that it's not only the small companies who are looking for a cheap translator or do their translations in-house who can end up with poor translations. I would tend to think that CA gave some thought to their website's Spanish version and tried to get it right, but it was their translation provider who failed them. There are indeed some translation agencies out there whose marketing promises go far beyond what they can actually deliver. So not even big companies are safe from bad translations, especially when they are at the beginning of their learning curve on the translation front...


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