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Funny translation of the week #23

Sorry for skipping last week's funny translation. Tough week.

So, today we have an excerpt of a piece of news I found on Translating is an Art weblog, by the Wall Street Journal:

BEIJING — For years, foreigners in China have delighted in the loopy English translations that appear on the nation’s signs. They range from the offensive — “Deformed Man,” outside toilets for the handicapped — to the sublime — “Show Mercy to the Slender Grass,” on park lawns.

Last week, Beijing city officials unveiled a plan to stop the laughter. With hordes of foreign visitors expected in town for the the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing wants to cleanse its signs of translation nonsense. For the next eight months, 10 teams of linguistic monitors will patrol the city’s parks, museums, subway stations and other public places searching for gaffes to fix.

If only my humble "Funny translation of the week" section could generate a similar initiative for correct Spanish translations on the Internet! But, in more realistic terms, what I do intend to accomplish is increasing awareness among this blog's readers about the consequences of not choosing your translation provider carefully. We all want to portray the right image, even more so in front of potential customers!


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