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The beginning of the end...

... or a change of direction.

I confess that I have my wife read all my posts before publishing them. And her opinion counts a lot. She finds that my blog is gradually taking on a gloomy, depressing tone, and that anybody who reads it will get the impression that I am utterly unhappy, which I am not. As regards Spanish translation, I am indeed disappointed with the current state of things, but if I keep on chewing mediocrity all the time, I'll just end up giving up translation altogether and not trying to do what I can to support it anymore. This is the end of such posts, and this is also the end of the Funny translation of the week section, which is just not that funny to me anymore. From now on, this blog posts will focus on supporting quality translations and high standards and practices, and more or less forgetting about all the rest. That should be more productive and healthy. And there are indeed good Spanish translators and translation companies out there, only not that many — sorry, it's going to take me some time to get the knack of my new direction. ;)


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