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Spanish and US Hispanics

Another proof of the importance of the Spanish language for US Hispanics. Not that it is surprising, but just to strike a balance with other recent reports which suggest a rapid assimilation of US Hispanics into American culture and language...

Via Hispanic Trending:

Report: Spanish-language websites in demand

By Chris Reidy
April 26, 2007

A report from Forrester Research Inc. says 51 percent of US Hispanics who use the Internet prefer Spanish-language websites, and 23 percent must have Spanish online.

Forrester, a Cambridge technology and market research company, did a telephone survey of 3,000 US Hispanics earlier this year.

‘‘English-language sites are currently underserving 7.1 million online Hispanics,’’ said a Forrester data researcher, Tamara Barber. ‘‘If companies are serious about reaching this growing audience, they need to offer Spanish-language sites.

‘‘Not only does Spanish online help those who depend on Spanish for interactions, but it also builds brand value with consumers who can transact in English but prefer to be served in Spanish.’’

Source: Boston Globe


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