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New weekly English-Spanish phrases section

Christopher Royston over at Colloquial Spanish blog was kind enough to accept my proposal to contribute Spanish idioms and their English translations on a weekly basis to this blog. So you and I will be enjoying his findings from now on!

Please keep in mind that he will mainly be discussing idioms in Spanish from Spain and their equivalents in English from the US, and some of these idioms will not apply or be slightly different in other English and Spanish-speaking countries. In any case, I am sure that we will all enjoy this new section, which will summarize and complement what is being posted on Colloquial Spanish blog.

Chris is from the US and his parents are also Americans. He went to kindergarten in the Balearic Islands, Spain, then went back to the US and returned to Spain 10 years later, living in Madrid for 3 years. Back to the States, he raised a family with two bilingual children —speaking English and Spanish of course. He's indeed a Hispanophile and his goal is to gather a great collection of Spanish idioms and their equivalents in US English. He's been gathering these for years, and with the help of his blog readers he intends to fine-tune and expand them as much as possible, and eventually write a book with his findings and the cultural differences that can be inferred from them.

Lots of luck with this great project, and welcome to this blog Chris!


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