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Spanish phrases and words #8

From Chris Royston, weekly collaborator here at Into Spanish Translation Blog:

Here are some animal related idioms:

- "Correr como un galgo" means "To run like a greyhound". In English a fast runner runs like a rabbit, a hare or a gazelle.
- "Dar a alguien gato por liebre" literally translates to "To give someone a cat for a hare". North Americans have to remember that Europeans eat rabbits. The equivalent in English is "To pull the wool over someone's eyes".
- "A otro perro con ese hueso" translates literally as "To another dog with that bone". In English we might say "Go tell it to the Marines".

Thanks Chris! There are indeed many animal-related idioms. Dogs seem to be particularly active on this front:

- “Tiene un humor de perros” —literally, “He’s in a dog mood”— may be translated as "He’s in a foul mood".
- “Es el mismo perro con otro collar” —literally, “It’s the same dog with a different collar”— could be translated as “It’s the same thing under a different name”.
- “Es perro viejo” —literally, it’s an old dog— may be translated as “It’s a wily old bird”.

Now a few ones with cats:

- “Aquí hay gato encerrado” —“There’s a cat locked up here”— can be translated as “There’s something fishy going on here”.
- “Son cuatro gatos” —“They’re four cats”— can be translated as “They’re only a handful of people”.
- “Llevarse el gato al agua” —“To bring the cat to the water”— can be translated as “To pull it off”.
- “Eso lo sabe hasta el gato” —“Even the cat knows that”— can be translated as “Everybody knows that”.
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