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Spanish phrases and words #9

From Chris Royston, weekly collaborator here at Into Spanish Translation Blog:

Here are two sayings that are similar in Spanish and English, but not quite the same:

— "No ser ni carne ni pescado" literally means "To be neither meat nor fish". In English the saying goes "To be neither fish nor fowl".

— Ser de carne y hueso" translates to "To be of flesh and bone". In English we phrase this as "To be flesh and blood".

— The first saying brings to mind the two versions of "fish" in Spanish. When you go to buy fish in the market you purchase "pescado". A single fish is a "pez". "Pez" comes up in colloquial speech when you refer to someone as a "pez gordo" or "fat fish". In English we'd describe this person as a "big shot".

Thanks Chris! And here are a couple more “meaty” sayings that I can think of:

— "Es un cacho de carne con ojos” —literally, “He/she is a piece of meat with eyes”— may be translated as "He/she is a drip".

— “Está pez” —literally, “He/she is fish”— may be translated as “He/she has no clue” (about something in particular like geography, politics, etc.)


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