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Spanish phrases and words #10

From Chris Royston, weekly collaborator here at Into Spanish Translation Blog:

Animal related idioms

"Haberle visto las orejas al lobo" literally translates as "To have seen the wolf's ears". The idiomatic meaning is "To have had a narrow escape" or "To have had a close shave".

"Ser el gallito del lugar" literally means "To be the little rooster of the place". In English we refer to another animal: "To be top dog".

"Tener pájaros en la cabeza" or "Tener la cabeza llena de pájaros" means "To have birds in the head" and "To have the head full of birds". In English we would call such a person a "Scatterbrain" or someone who "Has bats in the belfry".

Thanks Chris! I won’t add any this time...

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