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Spanish phrases and words #13

From Chris Royston, weekly collaborator here at Into Spanish Translation Blog:

Here are two Spanish idioms employing “tejado”, which means “roof”. “La pelota esta aún en el tejado” literally translates to “The ball is still on the roof”. The idiomatic meaning is “It's still up in the air” or “The jury's still out”. “Tiene el tejado de vidrio” means “He has a glass roof” which is very similar to “People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones”. We might also say “He's not one to talk”.

Thanks Chris! Yes, there is also a longer version of the second Spanish saying you mentioned, and it goes like this:

“El que tiene tejado de vidrio que no le tire piedras al vecino”, literally, “He who has a glass roof should not throw stones to his neighbour”.

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