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Spanish phrases and words #17

From Chris Royston, regular collaborator here at Into Spanish Translation Blog:

Here are some idioms involving feet, "pies" in Spanish. "Pensar con los pies" means "To think with the feet". The colloquial translation is "To talk through one's hat", which is a nice way of saying "Talking bull____". "Nacer de pie" translates literally as "To be born standing up". The idiomatic meaning is "To be born under a lucky star". There is a nearly literal equivalent in Spanish "Haber nacido con buena estrella" or "To be born with a good star".

Thanks Chris! And a few more: "Buscarle tres/cinco pies al gato" (literally, "To look for three/five feet in a cat") means to unnecessarily complicate things. Doing something "Con pies de plomo" (literally, "With feet of lead") means doing something very warily. "No dar pie con bola" (literally, "Not to hit ball with foot") means not to be able to do anything right. And "No tener ni pies ni cabeza" (literally, "Not to have feet nor head") means "To be utter nonsense".

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