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How do you say this in Spanish?

Many people reach this blog in search for answers to this question, so I figured out I should create a list with the "most requested" English words translated into Spanish! There are quite a few, so I will be doing this in easy installments:

Artificially flavored: "Con sabor artificial"
Beans: "Judías" or "Alubias" (in Spain) / "Porotos" (in Argentina-Uruguay-Chile) / "Frijoles" (rest of Latin America)
Bird: "Pájaro" (small) or "Ave" (big)
Blog: Many people just use the English term. The most popular Spanish translation seems to be "Bitácora"
Brain: "Cerebro"
Careful: "Cuidado" (as in "Be careful": "Ten cuidado")
Cat: "Gato"
Cheap: "Barato"
Christmas: "Navidad"
Consistent: When it means "constant", "steadfast" or "persevering", it would be "constante"
Cookie: "Galleta". If it's an Internet cookie, the English term is used
Cry (to): "Llorar"

More to come! :)


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