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How do you say this in Spanish? (III)

The next batch of frequently requested English words translated into Spanish...

Go to sleep (to): "Irse a dormir". If it's a command, then it would be "vete a dormir"
Ground: "Suelo" (as in "I fell to the ground") or "terreno" (soil)
Hard worker: there would be many ways to say this, but one of them may be "trabajador incansable"
Harder: "Más difícil" (more difficult)
Hat: "Sombrero"
Have a good day: "Que tengas un buen día" (informal) or "que tenga un buen día" (formal)
Hawk: "Halcón"
He: "Él"
Heart: "Corazón"
Hesitate (to): "Dudar"
Hunger: "Hambre"
I like: "Me gusta"
I like you: "Me caes bien" (as a friend) or "me gustas" (romantic)


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