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The beginning of the end...

... or a change of direction.

I confess that I have my wife read all my posts before publishing them. And her opinion counts a lot. She finds that my blog is gradually taking on a gloomy, depressing tone, and that anybody who reads it will get the impression that I am utterly unhappy, which I am not. As regards Spanish translation, I am indeed disappointed with the current state of things, but if I keep on chewing mediocrity all the time, I'll just end up giving up translation altogether and not trying to do what I can to support it anymore. This is the end of such posts, and this is also the end of the Funny translation of the week section, which is just not that funny to me anymore. From now on, this blog posts will focus on supporting quality translations and high standards and practices, and more or less forgetting about all the rest. That should be more productive and healthy. And there are indeed good Spanish translators and translation companies out there, only not that many — sorry, it's going to take me some time to get the knack of my new direction. ;)



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Funny translation of the week #20

Quality Dialisis Inc. ( delights us with this gem:

Quality Dialisis Incorporated Spanish page

Which would back-translate as:

Quality Dialysis Incorporated

Your #1 Staff Assisted the Homemade Dialisis Supplier

Frequently Asked-for Questions

Quality Dialysis Incorporated founded in 1993, to committed deliver professional assisted-staff, responsical, focused patient, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis service to patients and their families. We stay focused in our I prince founded of our compani.

Self-explanatory, right?



Another disappointment with a "hyper-qualified" Spanish translator

So I had the chance to test a new professional Spanish translator who seemed very promising. He had a wide scope of education in several subjects including university training in translation, along with years of experience in the profession and clearly determined areas of expertise.

The outcome? The Spanish text he delivered was mostly terminologically accurate and it carried no misspellings. That is almost all the positive side there was to it.

Two basic principles were completely overlooked: the passive voice is far less commonly used in Spanish than in English (Spanish uses the active voice in all but rare cases), and possessive adjectives are also less frequently used in Spanish which just constructs sentences in a different way. These are just two examples, and when basic principles such as these are not respected by the translator, then it is likely that many other basic and not that basic issues will be present in his or her text. The overall translation in these cases is somewhat artificial and uses a poor style, reproducing the way sentences are constructed in English rather than generating a Spanish text that looks like an original, which should be the aim of all professional Spanish translators.

Solid qualifications are many times the only means for some translation buyers to predict the performance of a potential translator provider. The problem is, a solid profile alone is not a full guarantee of quality performance as I have regular proof. This is why I apply the utmost care and careful testing to my prospective collaborators. I also always review the work of my trusted and regular collaborators, because even highly skilled professionals are human and can produce light errors. I am far from infallible myself, but when two quality-aware professionals work together and complement each other, chances are that they will produce an excellent quality final product. But quality must be there from the beginning (the translator).

I am considering the possibility of creating a new weekly section sharing key Spanish translation guidelines, because I can't stand the thought of this kind of performance becoming the standard, and I would like to help my Spanish translator colleagues if I can, whether they work for JB Translations or not.



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Our new website is almost finished

As you may have noticed, our website redesign project is nearing completion now. You will find two new pages ("About Us" and "Testimonials") under "Information", which should help better portray who we are and what makes us different from other translation providers. The Spanish and French sections will shortly be easily available as before. Once all of this is finished, we will review and polish all of our contents, which currently carry some typos because of the needed manipulations to enhance the old design. We hope that these efforts will better portray our determination to maintain the highest quality standards for your Spanish translations. We are looking forward to serving you!

Update: For the time being, if you wish to take a look at these two new pages you will need to go to the Home page first and then enter the Information menu, since the new pages are not accessible from the blog currently.



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Back to work

We are again back to work and ready to serve you in all your needs, whether you are looking for translation services at the moment or just browsing our weblog for translation information.

Our new website's design by Wildfire Marketing Group is now nearly finished as you can see. When everything is completed we will review all of our content and remove the minor errors that you can find here and there now (unnecessary blank spaces or any other problems.) Also, our sections in French and Spanish will again be easily accessible (they are still in the old design and not accessible from the home page at the moment.) We are also planning on adding some new pages that will better portray who we are and the advantages and guarantees of our services. There will be additional interesting resources for translation customers and people with an interest in languages as well. For the time being, we are very satisfied with the new design and its cleanliness and ease of use and hope that it will please all of you. We will be working hard to have all these goodies ready for you as soon as possible and will keep you posted on our progress, so do keep an eye on us! ;)


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