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Funny translation of the week #21

Today we have a Spanish article on immigration found at

Spanish article on

As usual, I highlighted in yellow some very interesting bits that I will now translate for you:

The "scam" With The Immigratián In Utah

Just to set the tone, but it gets better...

Evén though Utah is located thousands of milles of the border, there are fences of 86,000 immigrants without docutments living in Utah

86,000 immigrants living on a fence? What kind of accomodation is this? Do they get to pay a rent?

Many people do not quite understand, exactly which is that is done the ICE or the "Immigartián and Rights of Customs Coercián".

Hardly surprising they don't understand I would say...



Funny translation of the week #19

From Eva's Esthetics (

There are several interesting things here, but the items highlighted in yellow are the ones that really stand out:

Eva's Esthetics Spanish page

You may already be familiar with essential oils and know that jojoba oil is one of them. But here you get something completely unheard of, a brand new essential oil: the "joroba oil" ("hump oil").

From now on, dromedaries and (especially) camels of the world, beware! You are wanted!



Funny translation of the week #18

A great Christmas message from

Christmas message from

And a few back-translated excerpts for your delight:

Christmas brings you towards the outside in bumps?

Not each one is a Christmas wind blower.

I for one happen not to be one!

For someone the same thought of him brings him towards the outside in a cold sweat - or still an alergic reaction. Some have to be extraordinarily vigilant for chocolate-covered female screws . . .

Them evil nuts and bolts! Be very careful with snacks rich in iron during these holidays!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas season,

Jaime Bonet



Funny translation of the week #17

Unfortunately, Indiana Resource Center for Autism doesn't quite get it right...


I've highlighted in green the selected excerpts, and the back-translation follows:

When your child diagnoses himself with an autism spectrum disorganization

So if your child doesn't diagnose himself, the rest of this article is not for you...

The information presented here doesn't necesarily reflej Indiana University's position or police...

Is there so much violence in Indiana University that they need an university police?



Funny translation of the week #16

Apologies for not having posted last week's funny translation. Good news is, this week you get two! ;) So let's bring along the first one:

Worldwide College of Auctioneering

There are many gems in these few lines, but I have highlighted in yellow the ones I will comment on. It is said that you should always deliver beyond your promises and not the other way around. Well, Worldwide College of Auctioneering ( gives us a big lesson on how to do this. In two days of understanding teaching (enseñanza comprensiva), they promise to turn you into a bilingual auctioneer. But if you pay close attention, they are giving you much more than this! By reading the title and the bullet points, you see that they are actually offering you four languages: español, enspañol, enspanol and inglés (English)! Now that's what I call value for money and a time-effective training!


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