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Spamish translation of the week #12

Today we have a dumbfounding confession from Dish Network Latino (

Dish Network Latino

Which would back-translate as:

We appreciate your business venture and will work with difficulty to keep it. Thanks for visiting our site!

So they kind of like your company and are ready to do whatever it takes to keep it!!! If I were you, I would stay away from them! Granted, they are upfront and honestly say what their ambitions are, but I would rather keep my business venture for myself, thanks!

This is what the original text in English said: "We appreciate your business and will work hard to keep it. Thanks for visiting our site!"

For starters, "trabajar difícilmente" (to work with difficulty) is quite a poor translation of "working hard"; and even more importantly, "business" can be translated as "negocio" or "negocios" sometimes, but not at all in this context. Here, "negocio" actually means "business venture", "company". Indeed, there is not a straightforward way to translate "we appreciate your business" in Spanish. You need to rethink the expression and imagine what you would say if you weren't translating, but writing an original text for Hispanics...



Spamish translation of the week #11

Americabs flies the extra mile...

Language correction is not there, but at least their offer to Hispanics rocks! You can't say they're not making an effort:

Which would back-translate as (first two lines):

1. We transport our clilents to the airport.
2. We lift our clients up from the airport.

So actually, you get off from your plane and think that Americabs will drive you to your destination... well, if you're Hispanic you couldn't be more wrong! Americabs will lift you up from the airport and take you flying to your destination! When you think that English-speaking clients are only being picked up from the airport...

So how's that for showing your appreciation to your Hispanic clients?



Spamish translation of the week #10

Alternative title for this post: How not to target Hispanics, by Tenochtitlan Market!

Tenochtitlan market's Spanish page

I have spotlighted two text excerpts to the left, which I will now back-translate. Misspellings are shown in Italics as usual:

Tenochitlan is a 100% latin shop. We sell all the products from México, Centralamerica and Southameríca. We sell a great variety of meats, venetables at a spectacular he appreciates since the vegetables and fruits come directly from México. This shop is one of the main shops for the Ispanic population in the State of Utah.

The fresh fod -- is in should the wind blow he prepares to you eat of our tacó restaurant. Come one us for soume random cuisine authenticates of Latin.

When you think that their whole business is intended for Hispanics! Frankly, I don't think that their Spanish website version sends much business their way... But wait! They are not really targeting Hispanics! According to them, they are targeting the Ispanic population in the State of Utah! That definitely explains everything...



Spamish translation of the week #9

Today we have an interesting specimen courtesy of Burlington County Board of Social Services:

Burlington County Board of Social Services Spanish page

And its back-translation:

If you this married and alone a person needs assistance, he could that we can assist you. For I care old person home we have food supplies so that the husband he stays in the you communicate to apply in order to part/all the revenue of the partner who ente the old person home.

We are here you stop help you !
There is not needed appointment to apply. You can see the Revenues / Guide of the Resource also like The List of Bank Check of the Verification that tells you what you need to bring or provide in order to verify your amounts of revenues and resource.

The best hours a come inside apply is during the week 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and until 5:30 p.m. tuesday and thursday. Please contact the Medicaid department of County adult of Burlington of Social Services to the telephone (609) 261-1000 in order to additional information. later

This text is interesting because it looks and feels like an automatic translation (because of very awkward, artificial, non-human "grammar") but there are some things that don't quite fit into that picture. Even though automatic translation is extremely limited as regards generating texts for human consumption, if there is something that it does right this is of course spelling correctly. However, this text contains a few misspellings along with quite a few genuine but nonsensical words in the context, which were created by missing the correct spelling of the intended word and generating a completely different word. None of this can be rightly attributed to automatic translation shortcomings. So it would seem like this translation was generated by following these two steps:

1) Having the English text translated into Spanish through an automatic translator
2) Having the machine translated text reviewed by an unqualified person

Unfortunately, two mistakes don't add up to a success as we can see!



Spamish translation of the week #8

Time for Active Invest Miami to showcase their Spamish performance!

Active Invest Miami Spanish home page

And the back-translation (only the first box):



We propose
optións of previous
constructions to you.
Certain projects are still
highly confidientiels.
If you want to be a relative
with these cases, please
they enter in contact with

see the section...

As you can see, not only the Spanish is very poor, but it is also mixed with French! Though it may seem surprising that something like this could happen to a professional company, it can actually happen to any company relying on its in-house "bilingual talent" for translation...


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