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How do you say this in Spanish? (III)

The next batch of frequently requested English words translated into Spanish...

Go to sleep (to): "Irse a dormir". If it's a command, then it would be "vete a dormir"
Ground: "Suelo" (as in "I fell to the ground") or "terreno" (soil)
Hard worker: there would be many ways to say this, but one of them may be "trabajador incansable"
Harder: "Más difícil" (more difficult)
Hat: "Sombrero"
Have a good day: "Que tengas un buen día" (informal) or "que tenga un buen día" (formal)
Hawk: "Halcón"
He: "Él"
Heart: "Corazón"
Hesitate (to): "Dudar"
Hunger: "Hambre"
I like: "Me gusta"
I like you: "Me caes bien" (as a friend) or "me gustas" (romantic)



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Funny translation of the week #24

I decided to bring this section back to life, only I will be showing bad English translations rather than poor Spanish translations from now on. Check this one out!




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How not to teach Spanish (

I can't even begin to say how this is so plain wrong in all possible respects!!! They only got about half of them right:

10 things to say in Spanish

It makes me soo mad that people should dare to broadcast this careless, totally unprofessional stuff. And there are many more episodes in this unfortunate series!

P.S. I said "they" because I definitely don't think it's the presenter who is to blame, but the people behind this...



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How do you say this in Spanish? (II)

Some more "popular" English words translated into Spanish:

Dancing: "Bailar" (to dance), "bailando" (as in "I was dancing")
Daughter: "Hija"
Death: "Muerte"
Dissapointed: "Decepcionado" (masculine gender) or "decepcionada" (feminine gender)
Dog: "Perro"
Foot: "Pie"
Feet: "Pies"
Fence: "Cerca" or "valla"
Fish: "Pez" (in the sea) or "pescado" (for eating)
Fool: "Idiota"
Friend: "Amigo" (masculine gender) or "amiga" (feminine gender)
Frog: "Rana"
Funny: "Divertido"



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How do you say this in Spanish?

Many people reach this blog in search for answers to this question, so I figured out I should create a list with the "most requested" English words translated into Spanish! There are quite a few, so I will be doing this in easy installments:

Artificially flavored: "Con sabor artificial"
Beans: "Judías" or "Alubias" (in Spain) / "Porotos" (in Argentina-Uruguay-Chile) / "Frijoles" (rest of Latin America)
Bird: "Pájaro" (small) or "Ave" (big)
Blog: Many people just use the English term. The most popular Spanish translation seems to be "Bitácora"
Brain: "Cerebro"
Careful: "Cuidado" (as in "Be careful": "Ten cuidado")
Cat: "Gato"
Cheap: "Barato"
Christmas: "Navidad"
Consistent: When it means "constant", "steadfast" or "persevering", it would be "constante"
Cookie: "Galleta". If it's an Internet cookie, the English term is used
Cry (to): "Llorar"

More to come! :)


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