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Excellent resource for Spanish translators

Talking about translation pitfalls, I recently came across a blog from an old classmate in translation studies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Javier Perez's La duda ofende is an awesome blog dealing with frequent translation errors, unnecessary borrowings or calques from other languages, spelling issues and many other important aspects of Spanish translation, and it's written in Spanish. If you are a professional Spanish translator, you should definitely and avidly read La duda ofende's frequent posts, which will help you fine-tune and polish your Spanish translation and writing skills. I can't recommend it enough!



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Other translation blogs

I thought I would share the translation blogs I follow closely at the moment:

- La duda ofende
- Naked Translations
- Pandemonium
- About Translation
- Las palabras son pistolas cargadas (Spanish only)
- Translation Notes
- German English Translation
- Translator's Blog
- FL-Translations (French only)
- Language Realm Blog

More to come...


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