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Para lectores incautos


Parece que hace tiempecillo desde la última vez que escribí aquí. No se me ocurre nada más que ofreceros un regalito de Navidad que puede que os guste. Es una brevísima "obra literaria" juguetona y sin más pretensiones que la de hacer sonreír, aunque a alguno seguro que le reventará. Aquí va, pero estáis advertidos de que no me hago cargo de posibles repercusiones mentales por leerla... :)




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I'm a self-proclaimed spammer

I am lately receiving some spam messages that leave me dumbfounded and flabbergasted (what a great couple of words). After delivering some completely worthless message (which is not the part that amazes me), the "author" goes on to explain how to proceed if I want to stop receiving these messages. In an effort to ponder the meaning of each and every one of these words of spam talk (and believe me, each one is a jewel worth careful study), I am going to try and translate that message from Spam to English language. I'll spare you the "body content" part of the message and just show the "invitation":

If you want to delete your site from our spam bases - just email us with domain of your site:
thank you!

And my English translation:

We keep databases with the express and sole purpose of spamming, and we are quite proud to say so openly. We have included you in this spam database of ours, and this gives us the right to regularly send you worthless messages. Since we assume that you have nothing better to do in your workday than sending unsubscribe messages to people who want to spam you, we are going to spam you to death unless you take the time to unsubscribe from something you didn't ever subscribe to. Oh, and if you ever do unsubscribe, we consider this as most impolite and rude on your part. If you still want to go ahead, you can abuse us at this address: However, we will be polite in return and say a big thank you!


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