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On Translation

Translation is a rather more complex task than one would tend to think. Language is actually one of the best indicators of the complexity of mankind's nature, relationships and activities. It entails emotions, thoughts, beliefs, intentions, double meanings... And every language has its own very specific rules one needs to be aware of and respect.

On Spanish Translation

In spite of the very many Spanish dialects that exist in the world, it is possible, especially in written language, to use a "neutral" Spanish that will address all Spanish language speakers. 

A professional Spanish translator who is sensitive to language dialects will know, for instance, which common words in a dialect are offensive in another one and will be able to come up with the best neutral options that will be understood by and applicable to the whole Hispanic audience.

In case you have the necessary resources and decide to localize your communications for every Hispanic country, we can indeed help you with this. It can be advantageous for texts with casual language, like common oral speech. However, for technical and formal content (where Spanish language unity is at its highest peak) such an investment does not usually make sense. A neutral version will be more than adequate to address your needs as well as your audience's needs.

On the other hand, if your translations are aimed to a single Hispanic country or community, we will work with a Spanish translator who is able to address this specific community directly.

On Qualifications

The key for assessing a translator's qualification is five-fold. He must translate into his native language, be a proficient writer in his native language, have experience and training in translation, have a profound knowledge of the source language and culture and be specialized in your subject area. If these conditions are met, you will not go too far wrong!

Knowing Spanish or even being a native Spanish speaker does not make anybody a skilled Spanish writer, let alone translator. You never know how hard it is to translate until you try and do it yourself... and a malicious but qualified somebody comments on it!

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