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Spanish Translation Performance Standards

Our translator selection policy and quality assurance measures include:

—We only use translators who work into their mother tongue.

—We pre-select translators according to their educational profiles and experience.

—We start out assigning small jobs to our pre-selected translators in order to assess their performance.

—If this is satisfactory, they may become regular collaborators and we will start sending them jobs matching their profiles.

—Currently, we are retaining less than 10% of the translators we pre-select through their profiles. This may give you an idea about the performance standards we are determined to maintain.

—We assign projects according to our translators' specializations. We have translators with expertise in the automotive, medical, marketing, engineering, computers, telecommunications, and most other fields, which allows us to send our Spanish translators the projects they are most qualified to perform.

—We always review the work of our translators, even those who have already proved their skills and are our regular and trusted collaborators.

—We are sensitive to the different Spanish varieties in the world and are able to offer translations aimed at any Hispanic country. We can also provide Spanish translations that target the global Hispanic community. We will adapt ourselves to your specific Hispanic audience!

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