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Your Professional Spanish Translation Service

JB Translations offers you a rare compromise between two conflicting ideals: quality and affordability for your Spanish translation needs. Although we believe that our outstanding translators should be rewarded as they deserve, we accomplish this in a way that also rewards you as our client.

Freelance Spanish Translations

Our services are offered on a freelance basis. This means that you do not need to support the costs of a brick and mortar presence or a heavily staffed organization. You enjoy valuable language translation servicesin a very direct way without compromising quality.

Our clients talk for us...

- “I'm glad that I've finally found someone who has a good grasp of what we're trying to do. You have no idea how many "translators" we've been through - and they seemed to have little grasp of their own languages, not to mention being able to translate English-language marketing material. Our Spanish department is really impressed by the first letter you translated and I'm really looking forward to this being a long-term business relationship. I'm even planning to use you for my business, as well. :)

Jim Adams, from AbleRank Marketing


Hand-Picked Professional English to Spanish Translators

Your documents are translated and reviewed by carefully selected, subject-specialist and native freelance translators, providing accurate, polished and ready-to-publish translated texts at afraction of the cost. Our quality is yet unchallenged. 

Quality and Accurate Spanish Translation by Experts

Your technical contents are safe in our hands. We have professional Spanish translators with expertise in the automotive, medical, marketing, engineering, computers, telecommunications, legal, financial, and most other fields. If you have a special technical translation project, we have an expert translator in your field.

Our clients talk for us...

- “The thing that really amazes me is that - up until now - every Spanish-speaking rep in our company had arguments about our translated documents. "You're wrong, this is the correct way..." - "No... THIS... is the correct way..." - "Uh uh... you both are wrong, it should be worded this way...". So far, your ratio is three for three: Not a single complaint or debate. You've practically accomplished the impossible. ;)

Jim Adams, from AbleRank Marketing


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